Refund Policy

AQ Esthetics provides all-natural products to our customers for their unique skin needs. We strive for your satisfaction and offer a hassle-free refund for the item. 

In case you are not satisfied with the product you purchased from our store, you can claim the refund within 30 days of the purchase. 

Here are the eligibility criteria for a refund:

  • You must claim the refund within 30 calendar days of the purchase.
  • The product caused a reaction on your skin, and you have photographic evidence for it.
  • You received a faulty product or one with faulty packaging.
  • We do not accept refund requests if the product is physically damaged.
  • We do not entertain refunds on sale items.
  • You must have proof of purchase to claim a refund.

We may reject the refund request if the item does not meet the eligibility criteria. 

How to claim a refund?

If you received a faulty product and are unsatisfied with it, you can request a refund via email or by filling out our contact form. 

Firstly, check the criteria for claiming the refund, then write to us, providing all the details. Ensure to give the order information so we can confirm it. Besides, clearly mention whether you want a refund or exchange of the product. If you want a refund, be sure to provide your financial information so we can process it. 

Once we receive your request, we evaluate it to see if it meets our criteria or not. If it does, we provide you with the details for returning the product. As we receive the product, we will keep you posted about the status of the refund or exchange. Usually, refunds and product exchanges are processed within 3 to 5 business days.